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Are there Monsters in your room? Are you sure?


Monster Meter iPhones

Now you can be sure with the Monster Meter App!


The Monster Meter is monster detection in the palm of your hands. Now you can scan any room and verify if there are monsters hiding in that room or if you are safe.

Kids and Adults everywhere can now get a good night sleep. Thanks to Monster Meter they know they are safe!


Features 4 different monster detection technologies


  • Radar – A classic radar screen that uses your camera on your device (no camera it still works!) The radar will scan the room for any monsters that are near. If you hear bleeps, beware there are monsters near by!
  • Grid – This scanner also uses the camera on your device and will scan up and down to detect monsters. When you hear and see bleeps on the screen, you have a monster problem.
  • Green Meter – This playful yet serious meter will scan the room and detect monsters. When the needle goes way up, you may have a monster.
  • Metal Meter – This one is a more serious looking meter that will scan the room and let you know if it detects any monsters.


All of the scanners and meters have sound. They also have a results screen to show you how many monsters they have detected.


This iPhone/iPad app was created to help kids everywhere feel safe in their rooms and get a good nights rest. When a child tells there parent that they cannot sleep because a monster is under the bed or in the closet, the parent simple says “Lets check it out with Monster Meter”. They can then show the child how the Monster Meter works and prove to their child that there are NO monsters in the room.


*Small Print for ADULT Eyes Only – Obviously this app was created for entertainment purposes and to help you prove to your kids that Monsters are not in the room. However sometimes you may want to have monsters show up in the scanners and meters. Therefore we have added in the settings the possibility to have monsters be detected. This is great for when monsters should be present, such as at a haunted house. The settings section is where you can also turn the sound on and off and put the app into safe mode. When in safe mode monsters will NEVER be detected. 


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